Heavy Duty Over-The-Head Noise Cancelling Headset


The Heavy Duty, Noise Cancelling Headset has been manufactured with a positive-action PTT button on one of the earmuffs. You can choose the optional Inline-PTT cable which also has a heavy duty positive-action PTT inline, or can go with the standard Earmuff-PTT cable. The headset has been designed with strain relief, meaning that any pressure is placed directly onto the Kevlar reinforced cable. If the cable is caught in machinery it will give way preventing damage to the headset. A new cable would then be purchased rather than an entire headset.

The replaceable cable also gives the flexibility to continue to use your headsets if you upgrade your fleet of radios, as you would only have to purchase the relevant cable.

They are designed for all industry types but are particular favourites in motor racing, production, manufacturing, mining and construction applications.


  • Excellent anti-noise capacity and fantastic audio quality.
  • Interchangeable Earmuff-PTT or Inline-PTT cables.
  • Dust proof, positive action PTT for reliable transmission.
  • Electret noise cancelling microphone wih 300° of flexibility.
  • NRR 25dB (see specifications below).
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

Available for all makes and models listed above. All other popular connector options are available on request. Please refer to the downloadable connector chart for more details.


Speaker Type:
Mylar Speaker
Speaker Dimensions:Ф 26.0mm
Speaker Impedance:8Ω ±20%
Rated Input Power:1mW
Max. Input Power:1.5mW for 60 seconds
Sound Pressure Level:90dB ±4dB/1W at 1kHz
Distortion:5% Max. Rated Input at 1kHz
NRR (Noise Reduction Ratio):25dB
SNR (Single Number Rating):H=33dB, M=28dB, L=21dB

Microphone Type:ECM Microphone
Microphone Dimensions:Ф 6.0 x 2.2mm
Sensitivity:-48dB ±3dB (U=2.0V; R=2.2kΩ) at 1kHz
Working Voltage:1.0 ~ 10V
Current:≤0.5mA (U=2.0V; R=2.2kΩ) at 1kHz

Storage/Work Environment:-40°C ~ 70°C; 24H
Drop:152.4cm; 10 times
Bending (Cable):±90°; 30cycles/min; 200g load; 10000 cycles
Pulling (Cable):

Cable Pulling Force: 10kgf

NM2 Pulling Force: 10kgf

PTT Life:100000 cycles

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